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English Courses

Designed for ESL students, both kids and adults in ILCSA

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Spanish Courses

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Improve customer service and facilitate inter-staff relations

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International Language Center

Extension of Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG)

As an extension of UAG, the first private university in Mexico, ILCSA bases our success and expertise on our flagship institution where we have been teaching languages for more than 35 years. Our San Antonio language courses not only teach language fluency, but also promote intercultural communication. We have served the San Antonio community for more than ten years!

The Benefits of Learning a New Language with ILCSA

We strive to ensure that students are provided with quality language programs.

  • All of our instructors are fluent in their respective languages that uphold the integrity, innovation, and excellence of ILCSA and UAG.
  • We offer a friendly atmosphere that motivates students to achieve their language-learning goals.
  • Learning a new language will enrich your personal life, open doors to better professional opportunities, and help you become part of the community.
  • Unlike our San Antonio competitors, we are affiliated with a reputable academic institution (UAG).
  • Our location is convenient–on the Northside of Stone Oak.
  • We also embrace the San Antonio community and continually promote intercultural communication.

With the growth of global business and the growth of worldwide migration, learning a language will help you communicate, improve others’ perception of your cultural awareness, and enhance cultural sensitivity as a whole. All of our instructors can provide you with the idiomatic and idiosyncratic language tools you need to communicate efficiently. We offer free diagnostic tests, so learners are placed in one of five levels in classes or private instruction.

Contact ILCSA today!

ILCSA is the language school where both adults and children learn languages in a friendly atmosphere that promises motivation, creativity, and continued engagement. We strive for students to achieve fluency. In fact, a number of our students become fluent in a new language in just months! Get started today, call 210-342-2035! Our location is convenient–on the Stone Oak area.

Come and learn on a great environment and vibe.

Dora Stronza

Administrative Director, ILCSA

210 342 2035

Student Service

110 Gallery Circle
San Antonio, TX 78258


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