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San Antonio Academic Writing

Academic Writing in San Antonio

The International Language Center in San Antonio is now offering tutorials for high school, community college, and university students who are seeking help with their academic writing assignments. These help sessions, carried out in a workshop format, are practical and hands on, providing those who attend with the sort of individualized attention they cannot receive in a traditional classroom setting.

These workshops will be led by Troy Headrick who has an MA and almost all of a PhD in English, with a specialization in rhetoric and composition, an area of study which prepares teachers to become experts in all things pertaining to academic writing. He has used this training to teach literature, reading, research, academic writing, and critical thinking in traditional classrooms at universities, community colleges, and teacher-training schools in several countries. Additional, he has worked one-on-one, as a tutor and mentor, helping students of all ages and abilities become better writers and thinkers. He looks forward to having the sort of success with pupils in San Antonio that he has had elsewhere.

These workshops and tutorials will help students get better at:

  • Understanding what their teachers are asking them to do when a writing assignment is given.
  • Using a variety of idea-generation exercises to get started.
  • Understanding the writing process and how process affects product.
  • Focusing their writing around a main idea, contention, argument, or thesis.
  • Learning how to use evidence in an appropriate and compelling way to support their thesis.
  • Analyzing their audience so that their writing is powerful and communicative.
  • Making their writing purposeful.
  • Organizing their writing so that it is easy to follow and intelligible.
  • Putting themselves in their readers’ shoes.
  • Writing clear and grammatically correct sentences.
  • Becoming better proofreaders and editors.

It is important to remember that these workshops will be highly beneficial because they will be student-centered and focus on the abovementioned skills as well as the individual needs of those who attend. Furthermore, they will be conveniently offered at schools and on campuses, making it easy for those who wish to take advantage of these great learning opportunities to do so.

For pricing information about private, semi-private, and group tutorials, please contact the International Language Center in San Antonio.

Interested students may sign up for private, semi-private, or group lessons.

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