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Summer Courses for Children

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Summer Courses

Many new English language learners need additional summer support from traditional K through 12 education to acquire English as a Second Language skills. Also, because San Antonio, and the world as a whole, has a growing Spanish-speaking population, enrolling your kids in Spanish language classes can prepare them for growing global connectedness. This is one of the most beneficial San Antonio language courses we offer.

During each session, your child will be immersed into the world of a non-native language (either English, Spanish or French) in order to develop his/her speaking, listening, and writing skills. At the same time, children will learn the fundamentals of the language with cross-curricular connections to math, stories and legends, songs, the environment, arts, crafts, and more! Contact us at (210) 342-2035 to learn more about summer ESL, Spanish or French courses and classes today.

The Four W’s of Summer Courses at ILCSA

  • WHAT : Summer courses are offered for children.
  • WHO : ILCSA offers a comprehensive program that introduces children to the world of to a non-native language (either English or Spanish) in a fun atmosphere.
  • WHEN : Summer courses for kids are held during the months of July and August. Our courses are designed to teach the language in an interactive and fun way.
  • WHY : Learning a new language enhances children’s motor skills, and they acquire the knowledge to better understand and appreciate cultural diversity.

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